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Upgrade to 3 levels of Volume.

No longer available at all.

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Availability: This product is no longer in stock

Having retired, I have now decided to no loger offer this upgrade. However, if there is anyone that would like to buy the IP which includes the PCB design, layout and gerbers+ parts list, all software source code ( Atmel Tiny25)and hex files . Email me for further details....

This upgrade will convert the standard Neville buzzer ( and the Neville/Nash stainless steel units) to have three levels of control on the volume- Off (mute), Low and Normal (High). Having designed and manufactured the origianl units for many years, you are assured of a quality product. You send us your buzzers and will will do the complete upgrade and return them  to you. We use your existing switch,speaker and LED's. Because this is our own microprocessor  design, we can offer custom solutions......

Of note, is the double action reed switch circuit. All regualr buzzers will only give one 'beep' each time the magnet passes over the reed switch. Our upgrade implements a double beep, where the unit will beep as the magnet approaches the reed switch, and another beep as the magnet moves away from the reed switch.

Put another way, we beep on reed switch open and beep again on reed switch close.Why do we do that? Well, often the magnet (by strong attraction), will sit directly on top of the reed switch. This means that you will not get a beep until the magnet has moved 1/2 a revolution ....

Battery life in 'standby' is in excess of 20,000 Hrs...


All our upgrades carry a 1 year parts and labour guarantee.

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