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Nash/Neville Alarm Repairs

nash neville alarm repairs

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Please note I am now away until the 2nd April.

Now available again having settled into the new home .

This is a repair service for Nash stainless steel alarms or Steve Neville alarms . It is a fully inclusive service. The price covers anything that is wrong with the buzzer and will be returned to you in full working order.( except radio modules and case parts if they are faulty) Time taken is usually no more than a couple of days. If you really have an urgent requirement, please mark your order as 'URGENT'. Once you have placed your order, we will email you instructions for posting.

If you have a radio buzzer that requires attention, please send your receiver with it or we cannot check radio functionality!

Please note ! A lot of Nash S/S probems can be solved by reversing the wheel. There is also an issue using 'dayglo' 4 magnet wheels- these have the wrong diameter and are not suitable for use with the SS buzzer, so you may find that some or all of the magnets don't operate the buzzer, In these cases, there is no alternative but to have a greater sensitivity reed switch fitted....

Most Neville radio alarm problems can be resolved by fitting a new battery in the head. The symptoms are the buzzer appears to work 100% but there is no radio signal sent. Another sympton is that the receiver can turn on two LEDs from one head, an indication of impending head battery voltave getting too low. There is no 'low battery warning' for the head battery, unlike the receiver which tells you the battery state on turning on.


All our repairs carry a parts and labour 1 year guarantee.