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Radio Receiver for our radio upgrade .

On sale!

Availability: This product is no longer in stock

Having retired, I have decided to no longer offer this upgrade.


A small compact receiver to go with  our head transmitter upgrades. Long life  Lithium batteries(CR1/2 AA) give over 2000 hrs use.

Special features are quick 'wake up' time. That's the time taken for the receiver to come out of 'sleep mode' and go into active mode. This is a common technique employed to gain longer useful battery life. Without it, battery life would be <100 hours. Not a lot of good really.....

Smart feature- 'first hit' always flashing LED- The first run that comes in will always flash the corresponding LED to show which head went first.Any other head data coming in will just show as a solid LED.Timeout is 10 -20 seconds.

Comfort display- every 10 minutes or so, the leds flash for two seconds to show the receiver is still working.

Simple push button power on/off power feature

Your choice of LEDs, in any order, from Red,Green,Yellow,Blue,White,Violet and Orange

Size:- 73x50x25 m.m.




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