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Nash/Steve Neville Radio Upgrade

On sale!

Availability: This product is no longer in stock

Having retired, I have  decided to no longer offer this upgrade.

Upgrade  your Steve Neville alarm to radio.We fit a new circuit board to your buzzer case, and use your existing LEDs and speaker, or you can specify different colour LEDs.  The new radio circuit uses two 3 volt Lithium button cells (CR2032)  and even so,has an expected life in excess of a year in normal use.Standby current and operational current is similar to the original 12V battery used in Neville alarms but the speaker is not quite as loud ...No big deal as many people seem to fit the silencer bungs to quieten them down!

Range.... well if you want 1Km, go somewhere else!. How long would it take you to get to your rods from a Km away? Crazy! The Transmitter/Receiver should give  100Metres. Plenty for 'normal' use. Most people, realistically, will only ever need a few metres- from the rods to the Bivvy or the next swim....

Unique head to receiver packet encryption using 2^40 bits Ensures that you never receive a signal from a head that is not matched to your receiver.

You send us your heads and we do the conversion in a couple of days. Obviously, you will need to purchase a receiver as well.....

Now available for Nash/Neville Stainless buzzers !!!...


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